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About us

WISEJOY is a professional high-tech company that based on psychology, management, behavioral science knowledge and techniques to provide individuals and organizations assessment for their features, resources, potentials and needs as well as long-term sustainable development training and consulting.

Our vision is to help our customers with greatest happiness and healthy growth.

Our principle is human-oriented, science-guided and technology-based.

Our mission is to build a truly professional and world-class assessment and service company for organizational human resources management and individual mental and life development, and set up a technology benchmark and standard for the psychological and personnel assessment industry.

Our company is supported by university??s academic achievement, backed up by well-known professors, scholars and consultants, and based on advanced science and technology, providing customers with professional service in human resources selection and assessment, personnel assessment, career guidance, personal qualities and potential diagnostic, students' major and occupation choosing, individual psychological health and life guidance.

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