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Product Introduction

Our core product is Wisejoy Human Resources Assessment System. Its main function is to provide individuals and organizations professional and systematic ‘personnel assessment and selection’ and ‘growth and career guidance’ online.

Software System Introduction

Wisejoy Human Resources Assessment System (The registration certification number of computer software copyright in Chinese National Copyright Administration is BJ6228) is directed and produced by Chinese famous management psychologists, personnel psychology experts. The system was first developed in the late 1980s and the early edition was published by Liaoning University Press (1989) and Peking University Press (1991).

The software system is a comprehensive human resources assessment system based on a rich academic research of behavioral assessment science. It’s constructed with sound psychological and personnel assessment reliability and validity analysis.

The software system consists of more than 70 specialized measurements and is the nation's largest pool of human resources assessment tools. The rich content of its assessment and the number of the tools make it one of the worldwide largest assessment pools. The assessment tools in this system can be freely grouped and combined according to industry, job and age with strong specialty, high practicability and good pertinence. It can make systematic and comprehensive diagnostic assessment for various needs of the users.

Many of the assessment tools included in the software system are the latest research results of our specially invited senior researchers, which reflect the popular research topics in the field of personnel assessment. Many of them are published in the core international academic journals (SSCI journals) with worldwide accepted academic quality, and it’s the witness of the technical output and out to the world of our company. The system is based on world-class academic achievements, which has laid an important foundation for the effective assessment of the system.

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Features of on-line assessment system

Professional, high reliability

Multiple routings/multiple networks. Improvement of access speed from different regions and operators.

Simple interface. No unnecessary pictures, flashes and ads. High response speed

Use-friendly. Management functions are put in one page as possible to avoid frequently switching pages. Partially refreshing function is used to avoid unnecessary refreshing of whole pages.

Flexible quotas, flows and points management.

It is allowed to simultaneously run and use on-line assessments on multiple PCs from different locations.

It is allowed to purchase points or visits numbers based on real need. It fits both large operations and small vendors.

Hardware and software requirements for on-line assessment system

PC, Mac, Android Tablet or iPad 

800*600 screen resolutions or higher suggested

IE, Safari or Chrome browser

Internet connection (broadband connection suggested)

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