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Frequently Asked Questions

Is personnel assessment technique reliable?

Personnel assessment is professional technique that is based on behavioral science, especially psychological theories and methods. It’s based on large-scale scientific sample surveys and statistical analysis to establish appropriate theoretical models and calculation methods. Our assessment can obtain reliable results because of its scientific basis.

What are the common assessments included?

In order to live healthy and get successful career, people need to know themselves in various aspects including personality characteristics, job interests, needs (motivation) for work, values, communication (social habits), capacity, emotional characteristics, etc. These are also the concern in organizational personnel selection to realize person-job fit.

What are the common assessment types?

Written test (mostly done in computers) and non-written test (usually use situation simulation )

Capability test usually has a standard answer of right or wrong, it can reflect intelligence that we usually say.

Non-capability tests (such as personality, interests) usually don’t have right or wrong answers and can only reflect the inclination or extent in different features. On such questions we should answer according to the first reaction based on our first impression when reading the items or statements in a test or survey.

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